Since the adoption and early ratification of the Paris Agreement, more and more policymakers have started to deal with the need for and the prospects of negative emissions, not only because the temperature target of 1.5°C requires even larger volumes of negative emissions, but probably even more because of the newly introduced target of net-zero emissions.


Negative emissions also open the way for a more pragmatic perspective on carbon dioxide removal. Since it is impossible or too expensive to completely eliminate all emission sources (e.g., from agriculture or aviation), carbon dioxide removal will be needed simply to offset these residual emissions.

This book is the first to bring together a broad range of policy-relevant perspectives on negative emissions and, in particular, on bioenergy with carbon capture and storage: global modeling, climate diplomats’ views, European and national climate policymaking, and early attempts at using carbon dioxide removal approaches in urban district heating systems. The book’s value lies not only in the range of issues covered, but even more so in discussing the practical challenges and potential opportunities for policymakers and businesses.

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