Vietnam2012-2014 deltog Fores i ett projekt för att utveckla en pilotmarknad för ekosystemtjänster i Vietnam. Det är en uppföljning på studien Using markets to supply ecosystem services som lanserades i samband med miljötoppmötet i Rio i juni 2012. Projektet leds av Vietnams miljödepartement, MONRE, finansieras av SIDA och är ett samarbete med de svenska miljökonsultföretagen Daxam och EESweden och den vietnamesiska forskargruppen FORWET.

Projektets slutrapport presenterades vid Världsvattenveckan i Stockholm september 2014. 

Slutrapporten finns att läsa här.

Under projektets gång tog Fores fram ett antal underrapporter som finns att läsa nedan.



Project description

MangroveIn partnership with Forum for Reforms, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (FORES), EnviroEconomics Sweden (EES), and the Vietnamese Biodiversity Conservation Agency (BCA), Daxam has been awarded a project to pilot a payment structure for coastal wetland ecosystem services (PES) in Mui Ca Mau National Park in Vietnam in the context of climate change and poverty reduction in local community. The one-year project started on 15 November 2012 and is valued at USD 1 million with co-financing from Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). The objective of the project is develop a pilot PES project to test the application of a relatively new concept of PES. The proposed PES structure will enable poor local communities in Mui Ca National Park to earn income from livelihood models that rely on ecosystem services provided by coastal wetlands and mangrove forests and then be able to use part of this income to compensate the National Park for the use of these ecosystem services. Lessons learned from the project will be used to guide the future development of similar PES schemes in other areas in Vietnam.

FORES contributes substantial experience related to the communication of environmental research – in particular, transferring knowledge to the public, media and decision-makers. Their contribution to the project is to ensure long-term cooperation between project partners, including the development of a strategic partnership between Vietnamese and Swedish partners on PES development by creating linkages with relevant research institutes in Vietnam. These linkages, along with FORES’92 extensive international network of academic experts, will form a basis for long-term capacity-building and information-sharing with BCA and other partners in Southeast Asia. The project fits well with FORES’ desire to “put theory into practice” as FORES has recently published a study entitled Markets for Ecosystem Services (ES): How to make it happen which provides governments with concrete recommendations on how to initiate market-based policies. The report embodies FORES’s vision to communicate how markets can better contribute to increasing the supply of ecosystem services globally. Further, FORES brings expertise in the field of development economics, which is key to the project’92s poverty reduction and public acceptance goals.