Private investments in green venturing

SEMINARIUM. As part of Fores’ project on climate investments, Fores is together with a number of organizations organizing a seminar in Utrecht.

European populism and winning the immigration debate- Study launch on November 5th

SEMINARIUM Photos from the seminar On november 5th in Brussels we launched the study ”European populism and winning the immigration debate” in a Ralf Mer »

European Populism and Winning the Immigration Debate – Download here

PUBLIKATION ”European populism and winning the immigration debate” explores the bases of anti-immigration arguments and ways to refute them. The authors will discuss support Mer »

EU ETS reform – Assessing the Market Stability Reserve

POLICY PAPER Parallellt med diskussionerna om EU:s energi- och klimatpaket för 2030 pågår diskussioner i Bryssel om hur EU:s system för handel med utsläppsrätter Mer »

”Developing Payment for Ecosystem Services” – Seminarie 4 september

Torsdag den 4 september presenterade Fores forskningsledare Ulrika Stavlöt rapporten ”Developing Payment for Ecosystem Services – a synthesis of the approach and lessons learned Mer »

Internet as a Tool for Democracy – Shaping Societies Now and in the Future

How is the Internet shaping democracy? While countries like Iceland and Ecquador create new forms of democracy assisted by the Net, many states are Mer »

Fossil free road transports 2030 – how and why?

Mattias Goldmann talar på fredag kl 10:15 i Umeå på seminariet ”Fossil free road transports 2030 – how and why?”  Seminariet genomförs i sammanträdesrum Mer »

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