How is the Internet shaping democracy? While countries like Iceland and Ecquador create new forms of democracy assisted by the Net, many states are struggling to handle this new reality, redefining human rights and press freedom. Local governance has thrived in places where people connect to each other and to legislators, but online tools are also used to misdirect, confuse and hide crucial information.

What will future societies look like? In this group conversation we explore the current and future effects of the net.


  • Jennifer Robinson, human rights lawyer, member of the legal team defending Julian Assange and WikiLeaks
  • Måns Adler, founder of Bambuser, online video service that was used extensively during the Arab Spring
  • Bruno Kaufmann, chairman Falu Council for Democracy
  • Rikard Linde, director Digital Society, moderator

Tuesday July 1st, 1pm- 2pm

Gotlands Museum, Fornsalen
Strandgatan 14, Visby