What do platform economies mean for the European countries, and can we learn anything from the US?

In 2018 Fores, in collaboration with NEOS Lab in Austria and European Liberal Forum, will conduct a study taking a closer look, from several national viewpoints, at three components of the emerging platform economies:

The EU – US interface, examining similarities and differences between the two markets

The large – small interface, emphasizing the dependencies of new platform ventures on the already established ones

The platform – consumer interface, furthering the understanding of how the platforms relate to their customers

The study will explore these three perspectives with a special focus on liability & accountability, conditions for innovation, and the policy perspective.


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The project is managed by Dr Stefan Larsson, head of the Digital Society program at the Swedish think tank Fores, and implemented in collaboration with NEOS Lab in Austria.

Fores, ELF and NEOS Lab will host workshops in Stockholm and elsewhere, and publish a report by the end of 2018.



Stefan Larsson, stefan.larsson@fores.se

Senior researcher and Head of the Digital Society Programme, Fores


Robin Vetter, robin.vetter@fores.se

Project manager at the Digital Society Programme, Fores