Fores – Forum for Reforms, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability – is the green and liberal think tank. We are a foundation and non-profit NGO and we want to renew the debate in Sweden with a belief in entrepreneurship and creating opportunities for people to shape their own lives.

Market-based solutions to climate change and other environmental challenges, the long-term benefits of migration and a welcoming society, the gains of increased levels of entrepreneurship, the need for a modernization of the welfare sector and the challenges of the rapidly changing digital society – these are some of the issues we focus on.

We arrange seminars and roundtable discussions in town halls, parliaments and board rooms, we publish reports, books and policy papers, we put together and chair reference groups around policy issues, we participate in the media debates, and we support policy makers with relevant facts. We act as a link between curious citizens, opinion makers, entrepreneurs, policymakers and researchers, always striving for an open-minded, inclusive and thought provoking dialogue.

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The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of experienced people from different professional and political background. The composition of the board guarantees a strong independence from special interests and partisan politics.

  • Göran Carstedt is doctor of economics from Umeå University and has worked for Volvo, IKEA, Clinton Climate Initiative, The Society for Organizational Learning and Swedish organization Det Naturliga Steget.
  • Berit Danielsson is chairman of the board of directors of Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan. Berit has previously served at the Cabinet Office and the Parliament.
  • Hans Tson Söderström is senior advisor and professor of macroeconomics at the Stockholm School of Economics. He was the director of the Swedish Centre for Business and Policy Studies 1985-2002.
  • Lars Weinehall (chairman) is Senior Professor at the Unit for Epidemiology and Global Health at the department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine at Umeå University.
  • Mikaela Valtersson is vice President of Kunskapsskolan and commissioner of Antonia Ax:son Johnsson Foundation for Sustainable Development and ex-economic-political spokesperson for Swedish party Miljöpartiet.
  • Ulrika Liljeberg is a lawyer and economist serving as an attorney at the regional public prosecution office in Falun. She is now chairman of the City Council of Leksand.
  • Sofia Nerbrand Chairman of liberal think tank Bertil Ohlin institute. Chief strategist of Region Skåne. Founder of magazine Neo. She has also worked as editor of magazine Axess, columnist at Svenska Dagbladet and editor at Dagens Nyheter.
  • Åsa Hansson is associate Professor of Economics at Lund University. Her research focuses on public economics, and the effect of taxes on firms’ and individuals’ behaviour and on the overall economy.

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