There is little doubt that artificial intelligence offers great potential for companies, individuals and governments. Yet recent scholarship underscores the fear that the adoption of AI in society will be slower if it is perceived as untrustworthy. A lack of transparency in algorithmic decision-making may lead to limits to citizens’ rights and to the manipulation of voters. How can we guarantee a reliable and trustworthy development of AI in Europe?

This is a webinar and will be sent live on Fores’s Youtube on the 14th of May.

Date: Thursday 14th of May 2020
Time: 16.00–17.00 CET
Location: Fores Youtube 

As a part of the European Liberal Forum project AI in the EU – Towards a trustworthy development of artificial intelligence, we have invited Dr. Fredrik Heintz to hold a keynote speech in a webinar hosted by Fores. Dr Heintz will present some his work on trustworthy AI, and experiences from the policy-work with the High-Level Expert Group on AI.

The webinar will be moderated by Dr. Stefan Larsson, associate professor in technology and social change at Lund University, Sweden, and affiliated researcher at Fores and PI for the ELF-project.

Dr. Heintz is an Associate Professor in computer science at Linköping University, Sweden, President of the Swedish AI Society (SAIS), and a member of the European Commission High-Level Expert Group on AI (AI HLEG) that published the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI in 2019.


The webinar will start with a lecture on trustworthy AI and the High-Level Expert Group on AI by Dr. Fredrik Heintz, Associate Professor Computer Science, Linköping University, Sweden. Followed by a panel discussion with Anas Zaza, Analyst, Institute for Politics and Society, Czech Republic and Anamaria Dutceac Segesten, senior lecturer in European Studies, Lund University.

Moderator: Dr. Stefan Larsson, Associate Professor, Lund University and affiliated researcher at the Digital society program, Fores.


This webinar will be streamed live and be available afterwards on Fores’s Youtube. You will be able to ask questions in our chat and follow the presentations on your screen.


Do you want to hear more on this topic? Listen to Dr. Stefan Larsson and Dr. Fredrik Heintz discussing the creation of lawful, ethical and robust artificial intelligence, while also debating questions of transparency, diversity and unfair biases in the field of AI. Listen to Liberal Europe Podcast episode #33 here, by the European LIberal Forum (ELF).


For questions about this webinar please contact Jack Hertzberg.