Sustainable Mobility the Chinese way

The purpose of this publication is to give a better understanding of China’s work for sustainable mobility, as well as the underlying motives for the country’s development in this area. It’s written for policymakers, academia and businesses, as inspiration within the area of sustainable mobility, but also with the aim to give a critical and balanced perspective. Our aim is further cooperation with China when it is appropriate, and competition when it is advantageous

Emissions Trading: Fighting climate change with the market

The EU ETS is described by the European Commission as the cornerstone of its strategy to combat climate change and it is the main policy instrument for reaching the EU’s climate objectives. The EU ETS has also been widely criticised with arguments worth regarding. This book aims at putting emissions trading into perspective, in the EU and the world, to the interested but not necessarily specialist reader.

Klimatinfo för alla

Med Klimatinfo för alla vill vi medverka till att sprida en mer faktabaserad bild av klimatfrågan. Boken innehåller uppdaterad statistik och texter från några av Sveriges mest välkända nationalekonomer och miljöprofiler. Den innehåller ett stort antal referenser som inspirerar till vidare läsning. För en bättre klimatdebatt!

Dengue, Zika and the Changing Climate: What is the Scientific Link?

This report discusses and describes the scientific linkage between the changing climate and changing patterns in dengue and Zika infections. We present a synopsis of the scientific evidence relating climatological factors to the past, present, and potential future distribution of the diseases. In particular, we focus anticipated future transmission dynamics of dengue and Zika in different areas and related policy implications.

Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage

Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage

This book is the first to bring together a broad range of policy-relevant perspectives on negative emissions and, in particular, on bioenergy with carbon capture and storage: global modeling, climate diplomats’ views, European and national climate policymaking, and early attempts at using carbon dioxide removal approaches in urban district heating systems. The book’s value lies not only in the range of issues covered, but even more so in discussing the practical challenges and potential opportunities for policymakers and businesses.

Designing a Sustainable Financial System

This edited collection brings together leading theoretical and applied research with the intent to design a sustainable global financial future. The contributors argue that our world cannot move toward sustainability, address climate change, reverse environmental degradation, and improve human well-being without aligning the financial system with sustainable development goals like those outlined by the United Nations.

Fyra artiklar om miljörelaterade utmaningar

Klimat- och miljöprogrammet på gröna tankesmedjan Fores har kopplat till sig ett mycket välrenommerat vetenskapligt råd. En grupp forskare med ena benet i samhällsvetenskapen och andra i miljövetenskapen. I den artikelserie som presenteras här tillsammans med klimatmagasinet Effekt bad vi forskarna i rådet ge sin syn på någon av de stora miljörelaterade utmaningar mänskligheten står inför.

Är nudging det nya svarta inom miljöpolicy?

2008 släpptes Cass Sunstein och Richard Thalers »Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness«, en bok om att påverka människors beteende utan lagstiftning eller ekonomiska incitament.