private-investments-programomslagSEMINARIUM As part of Fores’ project on climate investments, Fores is together with a number of organizations organizing a seminar in Utrecht.

Since the Copenhagen Summit in 2009, the importance of green financing has received increasingly amount of attention on the global environment agenda. Development and diffusion of new technology, especially in the field of environmental technologies, is a necessary element in solving the sustainability challenge. The estimated required investments vary a lot but are without exception enormous and clearly of magnitudes beyond what heavily indebted countries and budget constrained international public entities could ever hope to mobilize. Private capital investments are hence essential to mitigate the environmental impact of economic activity.

Although substantial parts of climate underinvesting have structural explanations, such as regulatory, technical and institutional barriers, understanding the investment decision process between the investor and the entrepreneur seems to be vital. In the report “Digging for Gold in the Green Economy: Private investment in green venturing” we analyse a series of interviews we conducted with Dutch and Swedish entrepreneurs and investors in the green-tech sector in 2014. Guided by these results, this seminar will discuss the investment models of investors in financing high-technology green ventures and innovations and discuss the entrepreneurs and their motives. Understanding that logic is the starting point for any good policy that aims to leverage public funds and mobilize private capital to accelerate a transition to sustainability.

Welcome to Utrecht University on November 19!


14:30 Welcome and opening, Mark Sanders (author, assistant professor of international macroeconomics at Utrecht School of Economics)

14:40 Digging for Gold in the Green Economy: Private investment in green venturing, Maria Adenfelt (author, associate professor in business studies and research director at Swedish), Ulrika Stavlöt (author, research director at Forum for Reforms, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, FORES)

15:30 Refreshments and networking

Adam Smith Hall
Utrecht University International Campus
Kriekepitplein 21-22

Wednesday, November 19 at 14:30


Full program (pdf)