Social Trust

One of the most pressing questions for policy is how to promote and foster trust where it is absent and how to protect it where it is high. This paper presents some research-based conclusions and policy-recommendations that are relevant for addressing those questions.

Regaining Trust in Public Institutions

EU citizens’ levels of trust in public institutions are at a low. In this paper, author Johan Quist argues for new arenas and approaches to successfully addressing societal problems in Europe.

Media Trust in Europe

Despite the perception that trust in media is declining in Europe, the latest research says otherwise. In this paper, author Jesper Strömbäck argues for the importance of understanding the actual trends in news media trust, in a time when liberal democracies are heavily tested.

A Better Regulation Agenda at EU-level

Despite decades of work to ensure better and more evidence-based policy-making in the EU, progress has been slow, uneven and underwhelming. In this paper, author Mariell Juhlin argues for a new mission-oriented approach to ensure better regulatory outcomes.