The Effect of Russian Information Operations

The great migration of our public debates, from print through television to social media, has given opportunities for external influence on democratic discourse and an explosion of interest in information operations.

Constitutional Self-Defense in the 21st Century

What constitutional preconditions are needed to protect liberal democracy and the rule of law? As a response to the rising threat to liberal democracy, author Anna Jonsson Cornell discusses the concept of constitutional self-defense.

A Quickly Transforming Labour Market

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it clear that the labour market situation can change extremely rapidly when an unexpected exogenous shock hits the economy. It has become more important than ever for EU Member States to improve the functioning of their labour markets.

The Swedish Crime Paradox

In this policy brief, based on published and forthcoming studies, author Amir Rostami outlines the changing nature of crime in Sweden, with a focus on organised crime, specifically lethal violence and fraud.