What can we learn from economic reforms in Greece and Sweden?

The central purpose of this book is to investigate and compare labor and product market reforms in Greece and Sweden, since the early 1990s in order to see what these two countries from Southern and Northern Europe – both relatively small though very different in terms of culture and institutional settings – can learn from each other.

Climate Change Finance – Key Issues Before Doha – FORES Policy Paper 2012:4

When the world’s environment ministers gather once more this December to agree on a global deal to save the climate, the issue of climate finance will once again be one of the burning issues.

Labour migration – what’s in it for us?

I studien kartlägger tre makroekonomer från tre EU-länder arbetskraftsmigrationen sedan EU-utvidgningarna 2004 och 2007, och analyserar hur den har påverkat enskilda medlemsländers arbetsmarknad, offentliga finanser, kompetensförsörjning och politiska debatt.