Welcome to the launch of the book Emissions trading – Fighting Climate Change with the Market.

The book presents and evaluates the main accomplishments and failures of the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) to date, looks at the main changes of the system after 2020 and the expected consequences, provides an international outlook to the North American and Chinese emissions trading systems as well as emissions trading within the Paris Agreement.

At this seminar we will discuss how the revision of the EU ETS adopted in early 2018 will improve the system and what changes are needed for the future. We discuss what we can learn from the North American examples, we evaluate the outlook for linking emission trading systems around the world, and look at what role emission trading will play to reach the Paris Agreement.

Date: Tuesday November 13th
Time: 8.00 am – 9.45 am. Breakfast from 07.30 am.
Location: Fores, Kungsbroplan 2, Stockholm


Mathias Fridahl, PhD. Climate Policy analyst, Fores
Lars Zetterberg, Director Business Development and Marketing, IVL Svenska miljöinstitutet
Femke de Jong, Policy Director, Carbon Market Watch
Jos Cozijnsen, Consulting Attorney Emissions Trading, JC Consulting

Moderator: Hanna Stenegren, Co-author and fmr. Deputy Programme Manager, Fores


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This publication and seminar is a collaboration between European Liberal Forum and Fores.