A Quickly Transforming Labour Market

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it clear that the labour market situation can change extremely rapidly when an unexpected exogenous shock hits the economy. It has become more important than ever for EU Member States to improve the functioning of their labour markets.

Economies in some member states have been able to adjust to earlier structural shifts and there are many jobs today that did not exist some 30 years ago. Nevertheless, the quick transformation raises many questions in connection with digitalisation. This paper presents where digitalisation stands today. Author Eva Uddén Sonnegård calls upon Member States to increase possibilities for training and retraining throughout peoples’ working lives to smooth the transformation into a digital world of work.

About the author

Eva Uddén Sonnegård holds a Doctor’s degree in Economics, is a researcher at the institute Ratio as well as senior advisor of Fores council on Security. Between the years 2006-2010 she was State Secretary at the Swedish Ministry of Employment and was a key figure in forming a new labour market policy program with the previous Swedish Minister of Finance Anders Borg.

About the editor

Tove Hovemyr is Domestic Policy Expert at Fores and holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) from Uppsala University. She has formerly been a political staff member of Sweden’s previous Minister of Integration Erik Ullenhag.

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