Climate Change and Migration – Policy approaches for a sustainable future

This report explores how the international community and the European Union (EU) have dealt with the issue of climate-driven migration and why we have yet to find adequate measures to respond to the challenge.

Grounded – Beyond Flygskam

This report is a study of some of those who have stopped flying, in order to learn how they have handled the goal conflicts involved in their decision. The report moves beyond the simple dichotomy for and against flying and instead it focuses on what we can deduce in terms of policy implications from those who voluntarily choose to stop flying because of climate change.

21 nov: Planerat åldrande av produkter, en klimatbov – så här löser vid det

Att vissa företag medvetet designar produkter så att de ofta går sönder eller behöver bytas ut har på sistone uppmärksammats i media. Planerat åldrande innebär inte bara problem för konsumenter utan även för klimatet. Välkommen till lansering av boken Planned Obsolescence: Build not to last, och ett samtal mellan Per Bolund, svenska och internationella experter.

Sustainable Mobility the Chinese way

The purpose of this publication is to give a better understanding of China’s work for sustainable mobility, as well as the underlying motives for the country’s development in this area. It’s written for policymakers, academia and businesses, as inspiration within the area of sustainable mobility, but also with the aim to give a critical and balanced perspective. Our aim is further cooperation with China when it is appropriate, and competition when it is advantageous

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What is a Successful Think Thank?

At Fores we have felt the need to clarify and quantify our results, striving to answer “How efficient are we?”, “How do we become more relevant?” and “Can we be more cost-effective?”, while at the same time jealously safeguarding the uniqueness of being a think tank. Thus we ask ourselves – what is a successful think thank and how do we measure our performances?

24 jan: Be The Change – Climate Climb Event 2019

With several expeditions from 8 000 meter mountains Swedish high altitude climber Carina Ahlqvist tells stunning stories and show her cooperation with NASA and ESA through the years. Join the talks and inspiration with leaders and researchers from Al Gore's Climate Reality Project and Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Digitala plattformar

De digitala plattformarna har snabbt utvecklats till att bli några av dagens mest betydande företag. Vi använder oss av dem dagligen, ofta med föga eftertanke om dess inflytande över vårt digitala beteende. Men hur ska vi förhålla oss till dessa giganter? Fores har i ett antal projekt och rapporter studerat det digitala plattformssamhället.

Developing Platform Economies

The concept of platforms has emerged in recent years as one of the most important concepts of the digital economy. Are genuinely new ways of running companies and organizing work and capital investments emerging? And what implications does this have on European innovation, incumbent market players and consumers?

Emissions Trading: Fighting climate change with the market

The EU ETS is described by the European Commission as the cornerstone of its strategy to combat climate change and it is the main policy instrument for reaching the EU’s climate objectives. The EU ETS has also been widely criticised with arguments worth regarding. This book aims at putting emissions trading into perspective, in the EU and the world, to the interested but not necessarily specialist reader.